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The Real Gambia

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Traditional Tour

We provide unique services to our customers who are interested in having a true Gambian experience by visiting local villages, homes and meeting and interacting with the local people, and experiencing their culture. 

At Traditional Tour Gambia we leave no stone unturned as far as showing you a genuine traditional Gambian experience.


Trips and Excursions

Traditional Tour Gambia offers a wide range of tours and Excursions from short trips to local markets, day trips to local cultural areas, fishing trips, bird watching and overnight stays to explore more of Gambia. 

All of our trips are able to be tailor-made to suit your needs and requirements.


Transport Services

Traditional Tour Gambia are able to provide a variety of transport services such as airport pick ups and drop offs and a reliable taxi service during your stay.


Further to this we also offer the opportunity to hire our vehicles for self- drive or provide a driver to help you explore.



Traditional Tour Gambia are able to provide our own accommodation in the form of the Gambian Retreat.

This traditional compound promises a relaxing stay and we work very hard with our guests to ensure that their stay is as enjoyable as possible.

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